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  • I have a question about forward rod storage on my 2007 23" fs. It is a nuisance to haul down the four trolling rods I like to use but they don't fit in the under deck storage. Does anyone know what the maximum rod length is that hold will accommodate? Any ideas on putting in ferrules on rods ( who does it in the North East ?) I would take the measurements myself but there is currently too much snow to get into the access door on the shrink wrap (how many days until Spring?).

    Also, does anyone know of a supplier for two color vinyl boot stripe tape that duplicate the original Regulator variety.I have the original black / grey stripes but they are getting a little beaten up ; I am considering a navy / red combo. Regulator makes a nice variety which I will likely order, they are just a little steep.

    Thanks in advance for any advice . Twelve days until Spring.

    Retriever: 23" 2017 FS