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  • James, Thanks really appreciate the info! I remember seeing your 29 it was in Belmar for a while correct? I bought the 2008 from Comstock 6 years ago and have loved it. That is the tough part is the 2 feet enough to make a move. I agree with you though its considerable bigger the beam and really 4 feet since my euro transom is counted in the 32 length. I agree on the tab 32 needs to run with the tabs all the time. It seems pretty similar to your performance numbers which amazes me the brackets make that much of a difference but that is great. I run about 4300 to get 31kts and if its calm can get 35-37 if I go to 4700. I love the cabin so that is a big driver especially the rod storage and overnighters. Will have to see what they would give me on mine and what kind of deal he would give me. There actually is a leftover in OC MD I should probably look at. Guy was trying to get me to look at it last year.

    Thanks again for all the info and will let you know what we end up doing. My boat name is Christine Marie was in Manasquan for the last 5 years but keep it down in OC Md now for the most part. Will probably bring back next year in the fall for the bass season. Saw your post on the tower would love to do that as well. Fish for marlin now quite a bit and really impossible to pick up the fish on the dredge without it. I did see the 34 in OC with the tower keeps it in sunsets pretty boat! Anyway thanks again! Joe