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  • We had the 29 before the 34 and I have to say the 34 improves on every way of the 29. We looked at a very well kept dark blue hulled 32 in brick that was a year or two old that had 350. The two things that i noticed right away is that the 34 seemed beamer. I know that it is only 6" but it gave the impression that the boat was much larger. We love the center console cabin as that was a feature that we were specifically looking for from the outset. So we were also looking at the 37 Freeman, and the Invincible. But in the end Comstock made us a deal that we could not pass up, as much as I wanted the freeman. Our first trip on the boat was to the 100 square and with 5 guys nearly full fuel all our tuna gear and about 200 pounds of ice at 45xx we were seeing 35-37 knots at 1.1 to 1mpg. It was a flat calm day and we were headed home so we were somewhat lighter on fuel but heavier on fish. And since this was the first trip and 2 days after delivery the boat had not been bottom painted.

    Since then the boat has been painted and we notice that in the same conditions we have lost about a tenth. The boat is either amazingly efficient or inefficient depending on how you want to look at it. Our best efficiency is about 42-43 Rpms at 31 knots and burning 1.1. I have found that anything above that all the way up to about 5200 rpm is 1mpg. We fished a big bass tourney this fall out of Highlands. We were off of the Governors mansion when we got the cal that we needed to be off of deal. We ran 6200 RPMs the entire way up the beach at 48-49 knots at .9mpg. We had 3 people on the boat full fuel and a ton of gear (ya I know its just bass fishing).

    Over all we could not be more impressed with the boat. The 29 we saw 1.3-1.4 at 30 knots and we would only fish 4 people. Everyone mentioned that on our first trip with 5 people we had more room on the 34 and than we did with 4 on the 29. Both boats we run 11 rods offshore, but the 29 loved to run with tab in just about all conditions and when it was dead calm the boat really liked to porpoise at anything under 46-4700 RPM. One one thing that I did not like about the 32 was when I stood on the euro transom (I am a big guy) when loaded with fuel the scupper were under the water. I also did not like how much of the lowers were in the water on the 32. Since we are not lift kept our lowers are out of the water pretty much all the time except the night before offshore when we have all the ice in the transom and kill box. Once the boat is back in the water you are more than welcome to take a ride or come fishing with us. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out at any time.

    Net:Net - Going from a 32-34 would be tough in my mind. Yes you get nearly 7 feet of waterline and that you will likely notice. If you need the helm cabin its an brainer. But performance and economy I bet are nearly the same. IF you want a rocket ship the boat with triples is that. But we found the triple boat needs to be run at 35knots plus. Anything slower and it did not seem that the 300s had the torque to keep the bow down. In my opinion the twin boat runs better than the triples for fishing in the NE where the days you can run close to 40 knots are limited. We initially really wanted the triple boat, but in the end we went the other direction. Please reach out at any time. - James
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