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  • Along with my battery project, I've also decided to remove the head this winter. The original carpeted (and mildewed) panels are going to be replaced with 1/2" white Starboard. I'm also ripping off the carpeting that was glued to the inside of the console. I ordered a gallon of Professional Goof-Off from Amazon for about $44 delivered. Once that is all cleaned up I'll probably gelcoat it. I got a price for a 54" x 96" x 1/2" sheet of white Starboard from Gone Fishing Marina near me in MTK @ $385. I called one of my plastic suppliers today in Westbury and it's $210. The savings is well worth the trip and we'll do other shopping on the return. They have other colors and thickness in stock. Keep it in mind. I will probably shoot up there some time in late January. --Harry My email address is: [email protected]
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