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  • Critter, I have only been on a few times since I posted as I have been working crazy lately (its really putting a damper on my fishing, especially with a new to me boat). I did not get your email. I did get them installed and whoooo was it a task pulling the line from the console through the port going to the bilge. The sound is so much better while running in after a long day with speakers also facing the transom rather than just the gunnels. I am sure you are getting excited about the hookahoo. I am hoping to spend some time chasing them this winter. I only have TLD25's with 30ib mono but I am thinking if I put 80ib wind-on so when they get close to the boat I can have a few wraps of the 80 on the spool for a little more skin if things he hairy. I only plan on pulling meat and a marauder or 2 so no high speed for me. Hopefully I can figure it out and join in next year when I have some time in chasing them.