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  • Hi Frank I heard your name alot here all good of course(L83) I got here in 2007 so I just missed you. I guess I got the boat mixed up at show thought it was a 23. I just got a brochure from regulator today and I want to look into it a little more. As soon as weather gets a little better I might take a ride down to comstock and see what they have. How does boat sit on the drift? does it roll much. I'm itching to get into another boat soon but Nichols isnt looking so good yet. They say by July but parks hasnt decided on what is going to be done with bulkhead. It was falling over before storm now it is worse. I will be in touch. Ralph Talarico [email protected]
    2000 232 Gradywhite Gulfstream
    Twin 150 HPDI'S (Lost to Sandy)

    "Doubled Up"
    2004 23 Classic
    Twin F150's (sold)