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  • We were coming in last June on a 65' Monterey Sportfisher coming into to weigh a Tuna at Cypress Cove and went from cruise speed at 25 knots to a dead stop within about 40 yards. We were about 10 feet to the right of where we needed to be. Fortunately it was river silt and we didn't tear up any running gear, but it was enough for me.

    On your trip to NO, you might consider what has become my favorite restaurant in New Orleans, and that's "NOLA". It's an Emeril Lagasse resturant but with a more comfortable atmosphere and to me better food than Emerils. I have been in Louisiana for over 10 years, and of all the places I have eaten, it's my favorite. Best gumbo ever, and the BBQ shrimp and grits are the best.