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  • Tom,
    I don't know if you rec'd my message because it only shows on my profile. Good luck with your decision. Feel free to call me. Here's the post:

    I have the Lee's 18ft sidewinder outriggers and the tackle station leaning post. I fish a lot of ballyhoo and the bait cooler and freshwater sink are invaluable. I do not have the t-top mounted rocket launchers because 50's are too heavy to carry on them. I have been told nothing heavier than a 30 should be placed in those t-top rocket launchers. I also have the curtains and battery charger. On my next boat, I would get the transom seat. My boat is a '05, so the new options are nicer. I find the boat very stable and it normally drifts abeam the seas. Makes it easy to bottom fish. I have had my boat inadverently in 8 to 10's. The boat did great, albeit I couldn't make much more than 15mph. A normal trip for me is a 75 to 80 mile run offshore, troll 7 to 8 hours, and then return home. I don't hesitate to fish in 3 to 5 feet forecasted seas and will fish 6+ if the wave period is long enough. I live on a canal and have a dock; however, I'm not a big fan of bottom painting, so I trailer mine. I towed it previously with a Chevy 2500HD duramax and now I have a GMC 3500HD duramax. The dually provides a better ride. I live on Holden Beach, so I only tow 3 miles on flat ground to the ramp. If you want to talk, my cell is 910.612.1938.