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  • Hi Larry,
    I went through the same aggreavations. Your best bet for a prop is the Merc Enertia 17P it should improve your holeshot and maybe gain you 1 or 2 mph on the topend. I did try both the Merc Rev 4 15P and 17P props. The 15P gave the boat a beautiful holeshot and held plane the best but bumped the entire rpm range up 300-rpms so at cruise I was nearing 4800-4900 rpms, I thought it was a bit high. The 17P was also good in the holeshot and cruise but I lost a few mph from the Enertia at wot and I thought the boat was using alot more fuel.

    If you tend to really load up the boat with gear, fuel, and passengers, the 15P Rev 4 is your prop, if you don't then I would go with the 17P Enertia.

    Hope this helps
    23' Regulator Classic 2002
    Manteo, NC. / Charlestown, RI.