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  • Kent,
    It exceeded my expectations, keep in mind I purchased in 2005 and the Hull Truth had many many post on what a piece of chit the 300HPDI was. I had a 250 OX66 and with the front box full off ice & tuna the boat just struggled to run 28 mph and fuel & oil consumption was not kind to the wallet either. I would cruise around 30 mph with little effort and got around 2mpg. I never had the motor in for anything other than routine maintenance. Talk with Jon fishncrisis, he bought my old 23 and has logged a couple more hundred hours on her. I would think the new F300 would be the ideal fit, might give up a little on top speed, but the economy when greatly out way any performance loss.
    06 29FS Reg F250s - Sold
    98 23 Reg 300HPDI - Sold