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Old 12-31-2019, 12:52 PM
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Default 28 Regulator tow options

Actively in the market looking for a trailer and a new tow vehicle. Seems like most of the 2500/250 diesel options out there would be good candidates. Looking for insight on what you guys are towing with out there in the 28/26/29 model ranges. Thanks!
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Old 12-31-2019, 05:59 PM
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First thing to remember is that Regulators are heavy. I tow my 26 on an Owens' and Sons trailer, it is a great trailer. I have put about 23K miles on the trailer, 21K with the boat on it. so a fair amount of experience.

Most important things are brakes and tires. For brakes, go with DeeMax all stainless, so calipers, pistions in the calipers, and rotors. After 7 years and all those miles the only thing I have ever done to the brakes is change the pads twice. And the second time only because I had things apart, so easy to do.

For tires, trailer tires are junk, there is just no way around it. So go with 16" wheels, so you can put some decent heavy duty truck tires on the trailer. I use Michelin XPS Rib, it is a heavy duty tire that can re-treaded, not that I get much tread wear. It is all about the aging of the tires, trailer tires dry rot in 2 years.

Next is have it built with Air-Tight Hubs. They use a few psi of air pressure to keep water out, once I installed those the grease comes out each year looking like what went in, no evidence of any water, and no grease leakage out the back either. Made a huge improvement.

My 26 boat and trailer is 9600 lbs on the axles, and 800-900 lbs on the hitch, that is with about 70 gallons of fuel in it. So heavy. I tow with a 2012 F250 Diesel, the engine and the truck have no problems towing it, but on the scales the trailer, rated at 10K, is right at the limit, and the truck, rated GVW of 10K, is at 9800lbs. That is with tools and assorted stuff in the truck, but hardly heavily loaded. If I had to do it again I would go for a 12K rated trailer, and an F350, with a GVW of 11,500. I am starting to think about getting a new truck, it will be an F350 for just this reason.

I take the windshield off of the boat when I tow, it was good for about 1mpg, believe it or not, and it prevents it from being damaged. I basically two twice a year, CT to Florida and then Florida to CT, if I was towing all the time I would take the windshield off and have one made with EZ2CY that would just attach and unattach with some snaps and zippers.

Fuel efficiency, I get about 10.5 MPG at 65 mph, won't tow faster than that, even with great brakes a lot of weight to get stopped. Back in 2012 the stock tank was 26 gallons, used to have to stop about every 200 miles, 7 stops to get to Florida. That was crazy, took the stock tank out and replaced it with a Titan 50 gallon tank, now I can go 400 miles comfortably, so 3 stops, much more reasonable. I use Flying J truck stops, they have RV islands out front with long run in and run out so you can get through. You won't get the rig through a normal gas station, you can't make the turn before you end up in the convenience store. The new trucks are 36 gallon tanks, unless you do a long bed, I may still put a new Titan tank in it, they are 55 gallons for the new truck. When you aren't towing, on road trips you can go almost 1,000 miles. Hard on the bladder.

The 28 is over 8'6" (102") wide, that is the legal limit before you need to pull oversize permits. Nobody does, but just be aware, if they pull you over they can freeze you right there till you get the permits. Could be awkward. One of the things i love about my 26, it is 8'6", and I had the trailer made at 101.5", so legal on all the interstates and state roads. There can be some states where local roads are 8'0", but you can legally still use them to get to and from your destination, so it really isn't an issue.

Hope that is helpful. Just remember, the 28 is probably 1,000 lbs more than my 26, you could take a look at the Yamaha performance bulletins, then figure close to 2K for an aluminum trailer.

If you are going to tow a lot, you might look into MYCO trailers, they are the best trailers as far as I can tell. But as I said, my Owens and Sons has been great, has held up very well, and tows perfectly.
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Old 12-31-2019, 07:34 PM
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My marina just hauled my 28 with a Ram 3500 dually. They told me there is no way my Ram 1500 could handle it and that their Ram 2500 would be at it's limits.
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Old 01-14-2020, 04:42 PM
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You'll want a 3/4 ton for sure and if you're towing for any distance a diesel sure is nice. I have a 29 that I tow all over. I have a 6.7 Ford F250 diesel, 2014 model year. Tows the boat great. ~10 mpg at 50-55 but goes down hill quickly from there. I would also put a lot of time and attention into the trailer. Triple axle no question and I would put the nicest set of brakes in there you can afford on all three axles. Especially since you'll be over wide -- don't want to have any accidents if your permits are not in order. When I slam on the brakes while trailering the boat / trailer stop the truck not the other way around. That is what you want given you'll be over 10,000 lbs loaded back there. I have an electric over hydraulic brake system. Highway driving is easy. Fueling up was stressful for the first handful of trips but gets easier as you gain confidence. I was in fact over height and over width for the first four years I was doing this with the open array but am now under 13-6 with the new Furuno NXT antenna I have on there. I was always more nervous about the height than the width. Had to remove the old open array to get through the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel to make an OBX run. No more clambering on the hardtop for me on either side of that bridge haha.
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Old 01-22-2020, 08:15 PM
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03 26FS. Tow from NJ to FL and back once a year. Load the boat and truck up with gear etc for 6 mos.

Loadrite double axle aluminum trailer. 2018 F250 diesel. Sometimes forget the boat is back there.

Previously, I had a 2015 F350. Not much of a noticeable difference between the two when trailering. However, big difference in ride when not trailering. F250 has a much softer ride.

As stated, trailer tires are junk. Two blowouts this year. Just had trailer serviced prior to trip. $600 later was told "good to go". Going to replace all. Open to suggestions. Will check out truck tires.
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Old 01-23-2020, 12:27 PM
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If you are running 16" wheels you have some options, as I said in my post I run the Michelin XPS RIB tires, and they are holding up amazingly well.

If you are on 15" you don't have many options. If that is the case and you are running six lug hubs 16" wheels are available for the 6 lug hubs, that is what I run.
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