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Old 07-07-2019, 03:19 PM
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Default Command Link question....

I have the Command Link 6Y9 V3 with trip
300ís. My speedo on that gauge isnít reading correctly. Typically itís stuck at 20mph, although sitting on the lift, it shows 7mph.

Does anyone know if the speed information comes from a pilot tube or gps?
If pilot tube, which of the 3 engines would be sending the info?

Itís been doing this for a few days and has really thrown off my fuel economy and potentially (I think) remaining fuel in the boat. Yesterday and today it was showing economy of .6-.8mpg, which is about 1/2 of what it should be getting at cruise.

Whatís the checklist procedure to get this fixed?

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Old 07-08-2019, 07:12 AM
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On mine, I have a 2006 26 with the 4.2L mechanical control F250's, the speed reading comes from a pitot tube on the lower unit. The behavior you are describing is very consistent with that arrangement, it happens to me pretty often, and is always the result of something having gotten jammed into the pitot tube. They are very small, in the front of the lower unit.

I have cleared mine a number of times by finding a small drill bit that fits inside the pitot tube, like I said, it is very fine, and I make sure it a size smaller than it should be so I don't damage the tube. Then I wrap some duck tape around the base of the drill bit so I can spin it by hand, and then just gently put it in the pitot tube and rotate the drill bit by hand, usually whatever is in there is soft and this just cleans it out. Don't go too far in, as is does make a right angle turn and you don't want to puncture the rear of it, I think it is just plastic.

Regarding fuel burn, the system tracks the fuel burned based on the injector firing, completely independent of the speed reading, so the fuel burned indication will still be completely accurate no matter what is happening to the speed reading. However the calculated fuel economy will be way off.
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