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Old 09-25-2018, 10:56 PM
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Default 26 trailer

I'm going on Oct 5 to pick up a 1996 26' classic. I need a trailer to haul it. I have a dual axle rated for 7klb. Need some advice
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Old 09-26-2018, 06:45 AM
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Congratulations on the 26, awesome boat. We have a 2006, absolutely love it.

We trailer it back and forth to Florida from CT every year, have put about 18K miles on the trailer so far. It is certainly doable, but the boats are heavy.

Mine on the scales is just over 10K, 9600 lbs on the axles and 800 lbs on the hitch. that is with 50 gallons of fuel in it, so trying to trailer light.

So tow vehicles is important, unless you are just taking it down the street. I use an F250 Diesel, that is great, but even that needed air springs in the back to handle the tongue weight, otherwise it would "pogo stick" the rear on bigger bumps.

Brakes are key, I went with four wheel disc, 100% stainless, with electric over hydraulic actuation. They have been bullet proof. I went dual axle but went with 16" wheels and tires to give me some capacity if I lose a tire.

My trailer was made by Slide On (not float on) down in Tampa. Great trailer, they custom built it, I picked it up in Tampa, took it back to CT and the boat fit on it like a glove. They do excellent work.

Good luck, you will love the boat.
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