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Default Awlgrip - Shrink Wrapping for winter storage

I typically shrink wrap my boat to the water line. This past spring i had the boat painted with Awlgrip. I am reading on the Awlgrip website care & feeding instructions that you should not shrink wrap / cover the painted surface of the topsides. The paint needs to breathe it says or you can have a ton of problems later with moisture, blistering and dulling.

How do others get around this? Or what did you do?

Below this is from

8. Do not ‘shrink wrap’ or tightly bind Awlgrip finishes with plastic wrappings. The cover system, whether synthetic or natural fiber, should be ventilated to allow the coating system to ‘breathe’. Do not pull the cover tight to the painted surface. This can trap and hold moisture on the surface, resulting in loss of gloss, blistering, or delamination of the topcoat. Do not allow the cover to chafe against the painted surface, a chafing cover, especially when accompanied by airborne dirt, can abrade the surface and cause premature loss of gloss.

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