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Originally Posted by Mr. Twister View Post
Thanks for the report. Any recommendations for a decent setup (rod, reel, etc.) to target these fish top water in NJ when they pass through.
The best gear can be a pretty penny, but it is the best for a reason...

For the NJ wintertime (and summer) fishery I'd recommend a Saltywater Tackle El Maestro 710MH or 77H paired with a 10k Saragosa SW or 14k Twin Power.

They are easy on the body casting all day but can handle fish up to the low 100 lb class. That fish above was caught on a Race Point 100 and Stella 10k, but I like the El Maestros as they are a little shorter rods.

On a budget the Jigging World Ghost Hunter rods are supposed to be pretty decent. I fish with some of the best NJ December BFT fishermen around and they all use Saltywater gear.

Here's a 64" NJ fish we caught on the 710MH paired with a Saragosa 10k


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